Address: 520 55 Melas, Prefecture of Kastoria, Macedonia, Greece
Opening Hours: Daily by prior arrangement
Phone No: (++30) 24670-84554


Melas village, where Pavlos Melas, the Macedonian Fighter was killed in 1904, is on Mount Vitsi in the Prefecture of Kastoria. The Kantzaki residence, where Melas was killed, was bought by the Prefecture of Kastoria and converted into a museum as long ago as the early 1970s. The museum operates with the help of the society ‘Friends of the Macedonian Struggle’ and Co-operating Women’s Societies.

In the museum there are a few objects belonging to the Kantzaki family, some firearms dating from the time of the Macedonian Struggle, a Macedonian Fighter’s uniform and photographs of Macedonian Fighters from the areas of Florina and Kastoria. However, the real value of the museum does not lie in the exhibits but in the house itself, which is kept exactly as it was in 1904 when Melas visited it.

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